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v6 intro post: miyake ken

Originalmente publicado por sociologique al puesto de introducción v6: miyake ken


FECHA DE NACIMIENTO 02 de julio 1979 (Edad 35) HOMETOWN Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japón SIGN / TIPO DE SANGRE Cáncer, cabra de la tierra, Type O FAMILIA Madre (fallecido), un hermano pequeño (estoy bastante seguro?) IDIOMAS Japonés, Inglés (muy bien , en realidad), Corea (aprendido algo de prensa para "Oyayubi Sagashi" y dada su afinidad por la música coreana, probablemente aprendió más / todavía está aprendiendo), lengua de signos japonesa SOBRENOMBRES Miyake-kun, Ken-kun MIEMBRO COLOR Naranja (Conciertos), Verde (TV) ALTURA 165cm (aproximadamente 5'4 ") ENTRÓ J & A 1993 UNIDADES J-Eleven, V6, Coming Century, J-FRIENDS



Miyake Ken ningún Radio, todos los lunes a la medianoche. Desde 2005


Minna no Shuwa (de todos Sign Language), que se transmite los domingos en NHK. Desde 2014


Ninguno actualmente


Ninguno actualmente


Nikoniko Ken (Ken Smiley), actualizado todos los domingos


Ninguno actualmente


  • SUPER FLY Released on "SUPER HEROES"

  • Yuugure Orenji (Orange Sunset) Released on "Voyager"

  • 4U Released on "Hello-Goodbye"

  • Kanashii Hodo ni A-i-do-ru ~Garasu no Kutsu~ (So Idol It's Almost Sad ~Glass Slippers~) Released on "READY?"


  • COSMIC RESCUE As Coming Century. Nanjo Shun. Released 2003.07.11

  • Oyayubi Sagashi (Looking for the Thumb/Vanished) Takeshi. Released 2006.08.26


  • Kamisen Hi Tokuhyou (Kamisen Secret Special Info) As Coming Century. ABC. 1996.04 - 1996.03

  • Ito-ke no Shokutaku (Ito Family) TV Japan. 1997.10 - 2007.03

  • MiMyCen! As Coming Century. TBS. 2001

  • Otocen (Otona Century/Adult Century) As Coming Century. TBS. 2001 - 2002

  • Otocen (Otona Century/Adult Century) 2 As Coming Century. TBS. 2002

  • LoveCen (Love Century) As Coming Century. TBS. 2002 - 2004

  • Tamashii no One Spoon (One Soulful Spoonful) TBS. 2004.10 - 2005.03

  • Koi Suru TV Sugo-kyun (Heartwarming Love TV) Fuji TV. 2010.04 - 2010.09

  • Kinyoubi no Kiseki (Friday's Miracle) Fuji TV. 2010.10 - 2011.06

  • Sono Kao ga Mitemitai (I Wanna See That Sort of Face) 2010.10 - 2012.02

  • Out x Deluxe Guest appearances. Fuji TV. 2011 - Present

  • Minna no Shuwa (Everyone's Sign Language) NHK. 2014 - Present


  • Ni man shichi sen Kounen no Tabi - Seikimatsu no Shounen - (27,000 Light Year Trip - Boys at the End of the Century -) Unnamed Boy. 2000

  • Sotsugyou - THE GRADUATE - Benjami. 2004

  • Shinkaimaru Makino Satoru. 2006

  • Satsujinsha (Killer) Matsuda Shou. 2007

  • Dai 17 Horyoshuuyoujo (Stalag 17) Sefton. 2008

  • ULTRA PURE Sawada Shuntaro. 2010

  • Lovely Baby 2011

  • Some Girl(s) The Boy. 2013

  • Homuratatsu Iehira. 2014


  • Ningen Shikkaku ~Tatoeba Boku ga Shindara~ (No Longer Human ~For Example, If I Died...~) 3rd Year Class A Student. TBS. 1994

  • Maketeta Maruka! 100 en Obachan (Loser Maruka! 100 Yen Granny) Yano Hiroki. TBS. 1995

  • Tottemo Oyako (Super Mother and Daughter) Shibuta Shunsuke. TBS. 1995

  • The Chef Ichikawa Ken. TV Japan. 1995. With Higashiyama Noriyuki, Kokubun Taichi, and Morita Go

  • Ginrou Kaiki File (The Story of the Strange Silver Wolf) Yakushiji Tsuyoshi. TV Japan. 1996. With Inohara Yoshihiko

  • Kintaichi Shounen no Jikenbou 2 File 14: Ijinkan Hoteru Satsujin Jiken (Young Men's Case Files 2 File 14: Murder at the Western-style Hotel) TV Japan. 1996

  • Joyuu X (Actress X) Ito Sakio. TBS. 1996

  • Meitantei Hokenjitsu no Oba-san (Great Detective of the School Infirmary) TV Asahi. 1997

  • PU-PU-PU- As Coming Century. Tange Hayato. TBS. 1998

  • Shin Oretachi no Tabi (New Version: Our Jouney) As Coming Century. Tsumura Kazuke. TV Japan. 1999.

  • Virtual Girl Morishima Hiro. TV Japan. 2000

  • Tengoku ni Ichiban Chikai Otoko Kyoushihen: Dai 1: Shine! Dame Kyoushi (The Man Closest to Heaven Teacher's Special: Episode 1: DIE! Useless Teacher) Guest Appearance. TBS. 2001

  • Neverland Yoda Mitsuhiro. TBS. 2001

  • Akarui Hou e Akarui Hou e (Toward the Light) Ueyama Shosuke. TBS. 2001

  • Watashi no Aozora 2002 (My Blue Sky 2002) Sato Takeshi. Fuji TV. 2002

  • Engimono: TEXAS Endou Masaru. Fuji TV. 2002

  • Engimono: 14 sai no Kuni (14-year old Country) Akitsu. Fuji TV. 2003

  • Marusa!! (Tax Inspector!!) Tominaga Mitsuru. Fuji TV. 2003

  • Gekidan Engimono: Ame ga Kuru (Rain is Coming) Abe. Fuji TV. 2004

  • Gekidan Engimono: Beautiful Sunday Ogasawara Hiroki. Fuji TV. 2005

  • Hottokenai Majoutachi (Witches Who Can't Leave Well Enough Alone) Kondou Mamoru. TV Tokai. 2014


You may look at Ken and see a bratty little shit, and you wouldn't be entirely wrong. Ken is a free spirit and easily the most free-spirited out of everyone in V6. He does what he's gonna do and it's not necessarily out of obstinancy; rather, he's just a guy who does his own thing and at his own pace. He's not exactly capricious, but he definitely knows who he is, what he likes, and what he wants. His free-spirited nature sort of makes him a hard person to read and it's easy to get caught up in the "forever 17" idea of him, but he's a really complex and sort of complicated person.

Ken said in his SCP SP that he's the person who loves V6 the most. He has ideas for what he'd like the group to do and, especially in more recent years, he's been more up-front about them and advocates strongly for his ideas. He came up with "Very Best" for the names of their best albums. He got V6 to do the theme for "Inuyasha" because he liked it so much. He's the one who thought of having V6 be cheerleaders in the "Honey Beat" video. He's played a big role in them producing their own things recently. That adorable little panda from the 2011 SHB tour? He designed that with the idea in mind of having it be a source of support for the fans and for everyone, especially after the Great Tohoku Earthquake (also, he just fucking loves pandas).

Like everyone, Ken has many different sides, but sometimes those sides are harder to see (and to take seriously because of the babyface). He feels things really strongly -- not just his opinions, but criticism and his bond with the group. Things have improved since he's been more honest about himself and how he likes to be treated, and he loves V6 so much and wants things to go well for them and for them to get along well. He has really interesting relationships with everyone, but underneath it all, he's really grateful for this group, for the things they've done, the opportunities they've had, and where they're going.

Ken loves music. Ken is a total fanboy. You see that and you're like "oh, that's adorable!" and it is, but it's also really sweet. He talked in the OMG pamphlet about the feeling of euphoria and excitement you get at concerts and how he understands that concerts are a place where people go to get energy to go on the next day, because he does the same thing. When doing concerts (and I'm sure when he's out and in front of the cameras), he's always thinking of how to make the fans happy and what will be best for them. Everyone in V6 does, of course, but I think you sort of feel it more with and from Ken because again, loves V6 the most. He's also the person you'll most hear about going to concerts. He was recently at EXO's concert, dragged Sakamoto and Inohara to see Big Bang (YAAASSSSSS), and met Far East Movement when they came through Japan. He got Shit Kingz to do the choreography for "Break the Wall" on the 2011 tour. He's really connected. He loves The Pillows. You know "Sugar Nightmare" on "Voyager"? That's them. Ken asked (possibly hounded?) them to do a song for V6 and that was it. Speaking of "Voyager," his solo? Was written by a buddy of his. It works really well with his voice. Good job, Ken's friend!

Speaking of friends, Ken really has a lot. He has a buddy in LA, David, whom he seems to hang out with quite a bit. His only failing in life may be that he likes LA and hasn't yet awakened to the glory of San Diego (LA is the worst and I won't apologize). A lot probably has to do with the fact that SoCal is all sunshine and rainbows (true fact) and also that he seems to have a thing for white girls. He's talked on his radio show before about how he really likes white girls. He also wanted to be friends with the girl in the "Tokonatsu Vibration" video but she wasn't really feeling it. V6 also gave him shit for it. So, fellow white girls, there you go.

If there's one thing he loves more than music and white girls, it's cultures. He loves Native American culture but especially loves Japanese culture. He thinks it's really important to be in touch with it and often goes to rakugo performances and also listens to them on his ipod/iphone. He'll also speak in middle Japanese a lot in his j-web to be a weirdo. Also, he likes dad jokes. He loves puns. He makes them a lot in his j-web. When he finds something he thinks is funny, he'll run with it until long after everyone is sick of it. When he would talk about the new singles on jweb, he'd pretend he was a restauranteur and the new single was their new item on the menu. His sense of humour fits him is all I'll say. Also one time (in 2011, I'm pretty sure?) he was talking about how he was out for a walk (I think in the rain) and looking up at the sky and went "Miyake aruku yo~" punning his line at the end of "Aitakute," "miyage aruku yo," forever ruining the song for everyone. You'll be sitting there all sadface like "I miss so-and-so" and it'll get to the end and you'll giggle remembering that. At least I will. Now you probably will, too, because I told you that specifically to ruin the song for you IF I HAVE TO HAVE SUCH A SPECIAL SONG RUINED, THEN SO DO YOU.

Like everyone else in V6, he's sported a series of questionable, sometimes hilarious fashions in the past, but with Ken, it's intentional. He loves fashion, especially A BATHING APE. He's got an impressive sneaker collection. He likes to post photos of his outfits on jweb, and they definitely don't do anything to help him blend in. This isn't surprising because Ken but it is surprising because he loves people-watching. He'll ride the train around and just watch people for hours. He likes to watch people talk, or fight, or just do their own thing. He should have been a Sociology/Anthropology major.

Speaking of trains, he likes trains because he's really conscious about conservation. He's talked often on his radio show about it, recycling, that kind of thing.

He's sort of frail so he does a lot to keep himself healthy. He joined a boxing gym after acting in "Watashi no Aozora 2002" and got super lean and buff and showed it off in "Tarzan" in 2004. It's pretty pro-stare. I would say pro-read but youre not gonna be able to take your eyes off it because GODDAMN KEN. Before they go on tour, he likes to go running (if you've never seen the "Fate of 'Theme of Coming Century'" video from the "We Are Coming Century Boys" tour, please go watch it. It's hilarious for so many reasons). He's also allergic to soba, so when they were out on one of their road trips in 2005 (2005.12.06 Gakkou e Ikou), he had to go milk cows instead of making soba by hand with everyone else. He also gets hay fever.


Sakamoto Masayuki They used to butt heads a lot because they're both pretty stubborn and certain of themselves and what they want, so it was sort of bad news bears for a while between them. Since everyone (especially Maa-kun) has relaxed a lot more, they have a beautiful relationship that's mostly built on giving one another shit (mostly from Ken to Maa-kun). Ken does love and respect and understands Maa-kun, though. Type O combo for life.

Nagano Hiroshi See the hard part about writing these up is that a huge part of Nagano's charm is watching him with people. Nagano is just so chill and supportive, and Ken is that spazzy dude who'll get carried away and drag Nagano with him. Nagano is just a really great, really sweet older brother for Ken.

Inohara Yoshihiko Ken really looks up to and respects Inocchi for thinking about him, caring for him, and worrying about him. He said Inocchi looked out for him the most out of everyone in Tonisen. Beyond that, Inocchi is always first to jump in with Ken's goofing and get silly with him (especially in the car on road trips).

Morita Go Is it a cop-out if I just put the lyrics to "The Best of Friends" from "The Fox and the Hound" here? Because I think about those two's relationship and that's actually the first thing that comes to mind. They're the best of friends and they have such a deep bond and it's just so beautiful *wails*

Okada Junichi Ken respects and admires how hard Okada has had to work, from debuting so suddenly, to moving to Tokyo, to going to school, and doing all those things basically on his own. Ken is a spazz with him, and Okada will spazz the same, but it also sometimes feels like Ken's a little calmer with Okada around. He just really, really admires how hard Okada works to be good at something.

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